Yichun Liu

National Chengchi University, Taiwan



An increasing number of teachers are incorporating service learning (SL) to search for alternative methods in teaching and improving the quality of students’ learning. Although SL has an important impact on learning and teaching writing, research about the incorporation of SL with writing is scarce. This study attempts to investigate the impact of SL on Taiwanese students’ English academic writing in terms of the transfer of experience. A qualitative study was conducted, and multiple data were collected including teacher’s teaching logs, a survey, reflection journals (x2) and a text-based interview. Through data triangulation, the students’ transfer of experience is categorized into four types: disconnection, connection, negotiation and innovation. Further analysis and teaching implications are also discussed.


Key Words: L2 writing, transfer, invention, service learning










關鍵字: 服務學習、外語寫作、經驗移轉、籌創