Manuscripts received: Received manuscripts will be acknowledged, and files are made for each submission. Double submissions will be rejected.

In-house evaluation: The in-house committee will first discuss the paper’s content, methodology, and appropriateness for possible publication in TJTESOL. If the paper seems suitable for external evaluation, peer reviewers will be selected. If the paper does not merit external evaluation, a rejection letter will be sent to the contributor and the file will be closed.

External evaluation:If the paper passes the in-house evaluation process, it will be sent to 2 or 3 external reviewers. Reviews will generally be received within 12 weeks of initial submission, though this process may take longer at times.

Rejection after external evaluation: If the majority of the evaluations are negative, the paper will be rejected.
Acceptance after external evaluation: If the majority of the evaluations are positive, the paper is generally accepted contingent upon completion of a revised version based on the comments provided by the evaluators.

Form corrections: After the manuscript has been accepted and scheduled to appear in a specific issue, the editorial assistants will review the paper in terms of (a) APA editorial guidelines, (b) reference accuracy, (c) overall organization, and (d) overall readability. The corrected manuscript will then be returned to the author for final corrections.