English(es) as (a) semiotic resource(s)/repertoire(s): (Imagine) A multilingual/multimodal TESOL

I-Chung Ke, Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics, Yuan Ze University

Taiwan Journal of TESOL calls for submissions to a special issue with the theme “English(es) as (a) semiotic resource(s)/repertoire(s): (Imagine) A multilingual/multimodal TESOL.”

As globalization and technological advancement continue to change our lives, more researchers have come to recognize the reality and prevalence of multilingual and multimodal communication in the classroom and in various educational sites. English is not only a lingua franca/international language but also a meaning carrier embodied in various modes. The reconceptualization of English as one or more than one element of semiotic resources/repertoires has great implications for TESOL in various areas, including but not limited to bilingual education, curriculum, instructional languages (EMI/CLIL), linguistic/semiotic landscape, language ideology, multilingual learners/international students, multimodal/intercultural communication, teacher/student identities and agency, (multimodal) pedagogy, and translanguaging. Studies that explore relevant issues in Asian contexts are welcome, and we particularly appreciate those that provide inspiring findings or propose insightful recommendations for multilingual multimodal TESOL in Taiwan. This special issue intends to promote contemporary studies that help raise awareness for TESOL researchers, practitioners, and policymakers on the necessity to conceive of English(es) as (a) semiotic resource(s)/repertoire(s).

Key dates for the special issue
30 September 2020 Abstracts due. (Maximum of 250 words)
31 October 2020 Selection of abstracts announced
15 March 2021 Full manuscripts due
15 May 2021 Reviews returned
15 July 2021 Revised manuscripts due
15 August 2021 Final manuscripts accepted for publication Taiwan Journal of TESOL has been included in THCI, ESCI, and Scopus.

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